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Snaffling Pig's Udhi Silva on making pork scratchings trendy

OK, I admit it. I'm almost addicted to pork scratchings. It all started when I was mis-diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic (that's a whole other story!) and told to go on a low carbohydrate diet. So I tried and loved the keto diet. I REALLY missed crisps and especially Doritos. I would eat one of those big Tangy Cheese bags at night in front of the telly. And so imagine how I felt being deprived of my crunchy salty carb-laden snacks? And then I re-discovered pork scratchings. Zero carbs. Amazing! I say "re-discovered" because to me they'd always been a slightly grubby tooth-destroying snack. Fast forward 20 years and they've become lighter and more palatable in every way, and also available in a variety of flavours. And so I became very familiar with the category and all its brands, including of course Snaffling Pig. So I was hugely excited to meet on the podcast one of the brand's Founders, Udhi Silva.

In this fascinating chat, Udhi teaches me that this once-loved snack of dart-throwing pub goers has become an artisan food favourite of 30-something young women. He tells us about their appearance on Dragon's Den, the power of crowd-funding, their product-innovations including advent calendars and barbecues, and we laugh a lot about their pun-packed Snaffling Pig brand personality.

Really worth a listen.

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