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Best of Lockdown Disco 2020

The new Tier 4 restrictions have meant that - like millions of others - I wasn't able to see family and friends this holiday period. I'm lucky in many ways: I've got my husband and the cat to keep me company. And I've also got my music to keep me company. So, I've been spending more time in my home studio. Below you can join me as I replay some of the best disco tracks I discovered in 2020. Now, they're not all 2020 releases. That's because for me disco continues to be a voyage of discovery. I'm always bumping into edits, remixes and originals that I somehow missed the first time around. And I decided to narrate this mix in the hope that if you're feeling a bit lonely, you know that there's someone out there with your musical taste, and someone who's thinking about you. So here's wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021 and beyond. X

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