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Lockdown Disco

Since lockdown I've been spending more time on the "decks" (I don't actually use decks any more of course; it's all screens and wave forms) and a couple of friends had asked for some classic disco tracks to party/workout/clean to. So here they are. Where I can, I've tried to include some slightly more unusual edits and versions without straying too far from the original. I'm not normally a big fan of updated disco remixes, and here I absolutely LOVE Dimitri From Paris' aptly titled Super Disco Orchestra Remix of "Native New Yorker" by Odyssey. He's taken some tiny details from the original and delicately emphasised them. He's also removed the vocals. The song usually makes me cry with happiness every time I hear it, and this version sent me into heaven! And the first time I heard it I was so enthralled I didn't realise it was an instrumental. Listen carefully and you'll notice I dropped a tiny chorus of vocals back in, well, just for old times' sake. Enjoy. X

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