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Lockdown Disco: it's 3AM and back to mine

London's social scene is now gradually opening up, particularly outdoors where most people feel safer, but having a bunch of mates "back to mine" to listen to some great music and chill still seems some way off. So, here's a reminder of what it used to be like when you tumbled out of a club at 3am and took to the decks yourself.

I kick off with a masterfunkpiece: "Let it whip" by The Dazz Band originally from 1982 and here slightly updated as Picture House's Restoration Edit. That segues into "Living in a disco" by Ian Ossia, which borrows heavily from Robin Scott's 1979 funky chart hit "Pop Muzik" by M. Then, prepare your speakers for one of the best bass lines around at the moment: "Funking around" by Swiss DJ/Producer Me & My Toothbrush. Listen out for two ad soundtracks, both originally from 1977: Martini's "Dancing Easy" by Danny Williams, and Faberge's "Babe" perfume ad "Your fabulous babe"originally by Kenny Williams (weird - but no relation!) And here updated to "You're my fabilous" by DJ Laurel. Sample alert! Teddy Pendergrass' delicious voice carries "Can't hide" by Matthias Heilbronn. There's also updates of "How's your love life" by Jackie Moore, "Let's go straight to the bank" by Bill Summers, and "I really don't need no light" by Jeffrey Osborne. In total there's nearly two and half hours of disco classics and brand new originals in the set including Dennis Parker, Donna Summer, Gino Soccio, The DJ Lawyer, Dr Packer, Don Ray, Chewy Rubs, and Sunner Soul. Enjoy!

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