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Podcast season four: the scale-up playbook

Welcome to season four of the podcast. Since we launched in 2019, and after more than 50 episodes, we’ve been lucky enough to meet and chat to some fascinating people – Founders and Scale Up Marketing Leaders - and we thought it would be good to collate everything that we’ve learned from them and share.

In season four all the conversations are about the scale-up journey. In 2021 alone we spoke to nearly 30 Founders, and we’ve learned loads about scaling up from them. And we start in this episode with undoubtedly the most important aspect of the scale-up process: funding. We discuss all the different kinds of investment and hear from the Founders who have done it.

Listen to Snaffling Pig’s Udhi Silva; Will McDowell from Tastily; Direct To Consumer Expert Mike Stevens; Scott Simpkin from Seedrs; Chris Smith from Playfair Capital; and Nick Telson from Horseplay Ventures.

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